1.    Do I need an appointment?

No, you don’t. Typically, we work on a first come, first served basis.  We are most often able to get your computer back if we don’t need to order parts the same day  you drop off if you can get it to the store by noon. We know time is money and that you rely on your device. It’s important to us to take that seriously and with the most care. We want you to have your computer back as quickly as you need it too! If you need an appointment or have further questions about how long something will take, please call or text us at 303-395-0842. We have an emergency rush fee available too. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make this easier or quicker for you.


1.1. I love text messaging, are you guys available to help me via text message?

Yes, we are and we love it too! Our store line is a cell phone and we are happy to help and communicate with you in the way that you find the easiest.


1.5. Should I use my computer when it’s plugged in?

No, as a matter of fact you should try to do this as little as possible. It is the #1 cause of battery failure that we see. Batteries, like people, last longer when they are exercised.


2. I spilled an entire fill in the blank   on my computer, what do I do? Ahhhh!!!

We know you’re in a panic. Turn off your computer immediately and don’t introduce any other power source to it! Bring it directly into the store and we will do our best to dry, clean, and fix your computer.


3. Are some liquids worse to spill on my computer than others?

Yes, sugary drinks are the worst in that they would cause the most corrosion when left inside over time.


4. Woo Hoo, I spilled on my computer and I dried it out for 24 hours and now it turns on and works just fine, is it okay if I continue to use it?

We HIGHLY recommend that you turn it off and bring it in ASAP. The liquids will find many areas to pool inside that won’t affect the functionality of your computer but it is still wet and hiding in the mostly sealed environment.


5. My battery is pushing out the back of my machine, what’s going on?

It sounds like your battery is swelling and might quit functioning. You need to replace your battery as soon as possible. We can replace it and recycle your old one.


6. Can I throw away my old battery?

No, it is against the law to throw away batteries. They need to be disposed of properly and recycled. We are happy to help you out with this?



7. I am pretty sure I have lost the most important document, photo, or project that I have EVER created or worked on…can you help me?

You’d be surprised at what we have recovered and if it’s this important it’s definitely worth us taking a look at it to see what we are able to do for you!


8. I think I got a creepy virus, or malware…then I downloaded some awesome cleaner software to fix this and now my computer is barely working, what can I do?

We offer Malware or Virus removal and we can also uninstall any additional software that you downloaded to your computer. We recommend that you bring in your computer and we’ll help you out.


9. I just upgraded to the new OS and now I get the rainbow wheel of death with each click, can you help me?

We can do a tune-up on your machine and often we are able to recommend more RAM or an upgrade to a newer solid state drive that will give you more speed and functionality. It is best to come into the store and have us check for any hardware failures that are just starting to happen so you can get ahead of them.


10. I hear a lot about back-ups and how great they are…but I don’t even know where to start…doesn’t my computer do it for me?

Apple has available software installed known as time machine and yes, it will back up your computer for you (you choose where to back it up to, ex. an external hard drive or server that you are connected to frequently). We LOVE back-up’s and when your data is so important you should too!


11. How many back-up’s should I have?

LOL, how many back-up’s do you think you need?…then double it…Kidding! In all seriousness we have a back-up and a back-up of our back-up. In most cases this will be more than sufficient. The level of ‘safety’ is up to you and you should have as many as you need to feel completely confident that in no way is your potential for data loss keeping you up at night.


12. I was just told that my hard drive is failing. I didn’t even know those could fail. Is this true? Yes, hard drives have an average life based on your hours of usage that is approximately 3-5 years. The countdown has added hours for every hour that you have your machine on. You will get maximum life out of your hard drive if you are powering it off when you are not using your computer and especially at night.


13. My computer is always plugged in and on…is that bad?

It’s not ‘bad’ but you are adding hours of use even when it is on and it is not being used. We recommend a complete power down when you are done using it. In the case of a laptop it is best NOT to use it when plugged in and to let it charge up, unplug it, and then use the battery down until the alert comes up that says your Mac is going to power down if it is not plugged into a power source. Great news, this is an awesome time to step away and take a break. It’s not that you can’t use it when it’s plugged in, we know you’ll need to sometimes but we recommend that it is done sparingly.


14. Who is Jack?

Jack is in reference to Jack of All Trades, a play on words that has the owner answering to Jack rather than Ben for most of his career. That’s okay, he doesn’t mind;)


15. The Apple store doesn't have one-one’s anymore, can you help me?

Yes, we offer individualized training and one to one support in our store still. You can schedule an appointment and work directly with an Apple expert to learn or solve your technology problems.


16. My computer is older and slow, do I need a new one?

No, you can most likely improve the functionality of your current machine and we’d really like to help you do this. There are often available upgrades that will make it nearly new again. Come on by with your computer and we’ll give you your options. Ben truly believes in using your machine to the fullest and he is also completely honest when it isn’t in your best interests to put any more investment into your machine (a.k.a. time to upgrade). Knowledge is power!


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