When you find that your Mac isn’t working properly we’re here to help!  Unlike our competitors we exclusively repair, modify, and upgrade Macs.   


Walk-ins are always welcome!

Here’s how it works:

Since most people don’t like surprises, here’s what you can expect when you walk through our door .


“Counter Consultation’s” are free. Sometimes we can’t tell for sure what the problem is during our “Counter Consultation”…we don’t want to guess and tell you the wrong information! We’ll check in your device and we’ll do whatever it takes on our end to diagnose the problem to provide you your repair options. If you decide to do the repair with us, we’ll take your diagnostic fee off of your repair bill. If you choose not to do the repair our diagnostic services will only cost $45. We give you the freedom to decide if our recommended repair is right for you.


In simpler terms:


“Counter Consultation” = FREE

We can quickly and accurately tell you what the problem is and how much your total repair will cost.

“Diagnostic Fee” = $45

We check in your device and find out exactly why it is malfunctioning so you know the suggested /optional repair will fix it properly.

Mac Repair

We specialize in all things Mac - especially repairing them.  If you have a problem, odds are we can help!

Optimizations / Tuneups

Is your Mac running slower than it used to?  Over time even the best designed computers can start to show their age.  Good news is we can help!

Malware Removal

Popups or redirects when surfing the internet?  Do you have random applications launching and you don’t know where they came from?  You might have malware.  Luckily we’re good at removing these malicious apps without losing any of your precious data.


Some Macs can still be upgraded to achieve better performance.  Call us today to see if yours is one of them!


Want to learn how to use that shiny new Apple device?  Having trouble syncing your iPhone, iPad and Mac so they all talk?  We’re experts on most things Apple.  Call us to schedule your life optimizing experience!  (303) 395-0842

On-Site Help

Have a network printer or W-Fi problem in your house or business?  Or maybe you just don’t want to lug that 27-Inch iMac into the store?  We can come to you! Call us to set up an appointment  (303) 395-0842


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